All of my speaking requests are handled by my good friends at TalentMarketers Inc. I started working with them in 2019 when speaking engagements and brand partnerships were requested; and they’re the best in the business. 

You'll be handled well, they are like family.  

I'm always open to speak and be there for engagements that are aligned to my values especially with regards to Driving Ambition and Encouraging one another to grow, Manifesting our dreams and Family ties. In addition to creating programs, organizing, writing, and teaching workshops, I’m on this new married life journey. Living this work means prioritizing time to what matters. If I’m not available for your event, our team at TalentMarketers Inc. has many awesome resources from inspirational, influencer to brand building and will be able to provide you with stellar options.  

If you’re looking for different ways to engage with Driving Ambtion through in-house trainings, workshops and online courses to further build courage skills in your team or organization, visit our SERVICES page.

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