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Kassy Pajarillo’s The After Six Club allows professionals to get together with no set agendas, no sales pitches and no business cards


Bringing Peace of Mind to Finding the Career of Your Dreams

Created by former hotelier Kassy Pajarillo, the After Six Club is a space, platform, and community that is aiming to create an impact by collaborating, building relationships, and connecting professionals.  

Experience is the best teacher A graduate from the De La Salle college of Saint Benilde with a degree in Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management and Culinary Arts, Pajarillo shared that being a hotelier had always been her first love. In fact, her dream was to work in the prestigious resort, Amanpulo. “But instead of being flown there, I was sent to Amangani which was located in the States; totally an upgrade from where I wanted to be.”  

During her stint there, she met her first mentor, Guy Heywood, a barista who eventually became a general manager. Pajarillo recalled one of the first lessons she learned from him. “He told me that education is just a piece of paper. It’s really your skills, character, and personality that will take you far.”  

In 2010, she eventually moved back in the Philippines and launched her own company called, KAS Events Management while simultaneously working in the hospitality industry. “I am very ambitious, hands on, and multi-passionate,” she admitted.

But in November 2016, she decided to quit her hospitality job. She recalled that she experienced discrimination because of her height, color, and weight. In addition, she felt that she was also shadowing her general manager, “I thought that my dream job was to become a GM. I realized that there was no life if you become one. It’s like handling a house with so many floors. In short, never mind.” She was able to embrace her experiences and create something out of it, “that’s just how it is in the hotel industry. But all those things led to where I am right now.”  

The birth of The After Six Club After her stint as a hotelier, Pajarillo immediately got back into entrepreneurship. Right around the same time, lawyer J.J. Disini who she considers as another one of her mentors encouraged her to focus on her strengths that led her to create The After Six Club where she acts as its chief encourager.

“My pain points or in Filipino, hugot inspired me to create The After Six Club. Fortunately, I connected with people who shared the same passion. I met my co-founders, Jeff Manhilot, Joey Gomez, and Carmi Cristobal on LinkedIn. My boyfriend, Raymond Braganza also wanted in,” she recalled.  

In December 2017, the club was launched. “We focus on culture, mindful leadership, and human connection. The After Six Club empowers the entrepreneur in you. It is a roadmap guide on entrepreneurship, connecting people, establishing relationships, culture building, collaborating ideas and resources of the startup community and business units together,” she emphasized.  

“We wanted to put on hold the thought of quitting your job and traveling and experiencing life. You’re going to die broke,” she further added.  

In January 18, 2018, a movement in LinkedIn called, #LinkedInlocalPH was launched by the After Six Club. “Basically people online meet offline. No agendas, no sales pitches, no business cards, just human connection. At the end of the event, you’re able to have an intimate encounter with facilitators and people—throw in ideas with one another,” she explained. It happens every month and anyone is welcome to join.

Future plans The After Six Club will host a big event on April 27 and 28 in Bonifacio high street called Adulting Starter Pack. The two-day event aims to equip participants with life hacks on finance, leadership, social media, and career.  

Aside from this, Pajarillo plans on coming up with a CEO retreat and a #LinkedInLocalph Summit or conference.

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