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If you share the mission that we need more wealthy women leaders in entrepreneurship by driving ambition as you serve love - Kassy is the woman.


Kassy Is Available To Speak On Any of the Following Topics:

  • Work-Life Integration
  • Be The Most Confident Woman in the Room
  • Heart-Centered Sales (Be a Sales Extraordinaire)
  • LinkedIn, Your Powerful Profile is Your Super Power
  • The Future of Work and Education
  • Ethical Leadership & Practices in the Online Coaching & Consulting Industry
  • Money Mindset & Mindfulness
  • Think Like A Millionaire
  • Women: Driving Ambition & Serving Love
  • How to Find Your Zone of Genius (Passion is a Lie)
  • Content Marketing & Planning
  • How to Turn Your Network Into Paid High-Ticket Clients with a Plan

Official Bio

Business Growth Online Mentor & Coach Kassy Pajarillo - Braganza helps coaches, consultants, trainers, private practitioners, and service-driven entrepreneurs claim their six-figure outcomes for their seven-figures business and turn them into seven-figure CEOs by teaching them how to adapt and leverage on timeless business principles combined with simplified digital marketing strategies of today.

Before starting her own company, Kassy spent years in numerous endeavors around the hospitality, lifestyle, Startups, and marketing industries with the dream of becoming one of the first women General Managers in the world. During her time in corporate, Kassy was able to successfully learn, implement, and organized revenue-generating endeavors through community building and being people-centric strategies. Albeit she didn't make it into becoming an international hotel (specifically Aman resorts) General Manager (yet), she was mentored and shadowed by her former General Managers lead who encouraged her to pursue entrepreneurship.

With only $90 in her bank account when she left the corporate, she started The After Six Club in 2018, the transformative and progressive events learning company catering to leaders of different industries supporting them through self-discovery and improving skillsets in partnership with co-working spaces and participated by few of her most admired companies - LinkedIn and Mindvalley.

She also supports Mindvalley as a business mastermind facilitator for Mindvalley University online.

With a startup and vast marketing background, she applied all of what she learned and experienced; and pursued the online path when the pandemic hit in 2020. Again, with unforeseen circumstances when the business was on halt, with a negative bank account and recurring debts, she was able to hit her first $5000 in 7 days and multiple-7 figures outcomes in less than a year. Since then, she has been teaching the same path and framework to those who want to become their own CEOs and have the work-life integration they endeavor to build for themselves and their families.

She believes that there should be more unapologetic, driven, and ambitious wealthy leaders in entrepreneurship and pursue purpose-driven endeavors as they build their own economy and help society.

Kassy's company and her program Power Profile Biz Accelerator & Growth is the premier coaching program on the market and the first of its kind in the Philippines. Her clear, transformative, progressive, and profitable trademarked framework approach has been responsible for numerous clients finding lifestyle freedom through entrepreneurship. She applies simplicity in every strategy which brings in millions online through consulting and launches that consistently generate six-figure results.

She's been featured in numerous dailies locally and internationally and is the host of The Ambitious Tribe podcast.

Her greatest dream is to pursue the philanthropic endeavors of supporting more women and open up opportunities and livelihood programs through education.

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