Ready to reserve a seat or a table that'll make your customers want more of you?

Of course, duh! LinkedIn is a NO BRAINER! And, I am totally in it to win it!

Seat for 1

Your own pace - any time, any day, anywhere you'd want it. We understand your time.



Two (2) 1:1 Coaching Calls where we'll have a plan rightfully for you to Optimize, Strategize and Leverage.



Dive straight on how to make employees your ambassadors and LinkedIn Pages work for the company.


We do want this mini-course to be valuable and exceptional. You will be getting additional resources to support your endeavor.

LinkedIn Pages

A walk-through on how you'll be able to set-up your LinkedIn Pages for your company for success and you'll also have strategies for content marketing.


You will get my 7 minutes punch list, ROI Calculator, Pulse & Newsfeed Content Plan Angles, and Suggestions because there are riches in niches.

Ideal Customer Deconstruct

How will you be able to attract your ideal clients if you aren't clear with your way-forward? Yes, aygotchu!


Hi, I'm Kassy!

Since 2018, Kassy has taught LinkedIn Power Profile Preview a LinkedIn Power Profile Masterclasses in Malaysia for Top Voices, Mongolia for Social Media Week, and monthly engagements in the Philippines. As an International Independent LinkedIn Trainer and Influencer, Marketing in Asia's Top Influencer 2019-2020 and Buzzsumo's Top Digital Influencer 2019-2020; she has taught in-house training for corporations and advocates Employee Ambassadorship and lifelong learning. A TEDx speaker, her mission is to elevate and encourage every human that you can drive your ambition and that you can build a better business that's clear, transformative, progressive, and profitable.

You have a distinctive message and story only you can tell.



What if I have a corporate job and have a self-driven business, will this program work?  

If you're a doer, goal-getter, and driven ambitious human - of course! Now, to differentiate your job and self-driven business, you'd have to focus on which amongst the two will you zoom in on this program. However, this doesn't mean you can't inject both worlds.  

Will I have access to the course as soon as I get into the program? Yes. You will have full access to the full course upon sign up and once you're in. You will have access to the mini-course which you can decide to do it all over again (if you must).  

When will you run your Power Profile Biz Accelerator Program again?

Thanks for asking about the program. We have to vet and only include at most 7-15 students at a time. Once you sign-up, you'll be included in the invitation list for you to send in your intent to join the FULL program and be part of the tribe. If you decide to elevate your career as a coach, consultant, trainer, mentor or a service-oriented entrepreneur; that program will totally complement this mini-course.

Meanwhile, as this is a preview class - It's just all about optimization, leveraging, and some strategies for lead generation. Will update this program every now and then (and, you don't need to pay for it)

How much training and implementation is there week by week?

After you go through the class, it's up to you how you drive implementing. It's a self-paced mini0course. However, we have an intensive program wherein we will go through in 8 weeks to build your personal brand online and offline then have a launch plan. If you think that's something you'd want to get into, we open slots to only up until 15 students at a time. 

Make sure you get to sign-up your intent HERE.

Do I need to be a proprietor to get in this program? What if I'm job hunting?

This is a preview class. It's designed for anyone to everyone. But, preferably, if you're a proprietor or entrepreneur, We'll zone in content around your mission, messaging, and your personal brand to drive and attract clients to your service or product.  

If you’re job hunting though, you may strengthen your authority through content creation designed for the expertise you specialize or would want to specialize on. We'll be releasing a specific intensive program for you, soon.  

Is there a refund policy?

The Preview class is non-refundable. We've poured in a human effort for all the valuable content you'll be able to readily download and access.  It's pretty affordable, too.

Can you guarantee results in this program for me?

There are no silver bullets and formula to success except for you to do the groundwork, show up and be intentional and purposeful with your message and heart to serve. 

Can I share this with other people?

We love your referral and recommendation. As for sharing the resources, because you paid for it, we'd recommend for you to let other experience the entire program themselves and put in an investment to make sure they commit and have the accountability of the program. Although, we love your generous heart. Thank you! 

If you have more questions, please reach out to my team via




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