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Your message is what the world needs.  

Since 2018, Kassy has taught LinkedIn Power Profile Preview an LinkedIn Power Profile Masterclasses in Malaysia, Mongolia and Philippines. As an International Independent LinkedIn Trainer and Influencer, she has taught in-house trainings for corporations and advocates Employee Ambassadorship and lifelong learning. You have a distinctive message and story only you can tell. #DriveAmbition


Because of the platform, I was able to run my own transformative and progressive educational events company - The After Six Club, became a keynote speaker with the intent to encourage people to continue the conversation of dreams and driving ambition, a corporate host - a multi-potentialite.  

All because I showed up and decided to run with my authetic self - no filters, just all me and my values, learning from experience and having an empty cup to fill in with more new experiences and gaining more wisdom.  

I found my calling. LinkedIn turned into a vehicle.

It was an accidental venture on being an International Independent LinkedIn Trainer, honestly. All I wanted was to share the great experiences it can unlock and unfold for you. 3 years after, I now have intentionally turned the opportunity into a full-blown business which I'm building together with you - the greatest investor.

The results of showing up, networking, getting to know other people and connecting for more personal growth have exceeded and overflowed with world opportunities and have been making dreams come true.  

> LinkedIn Top Influencer 2018 and 2019 > Consistent 5-6 monthly figure income business > Helped mount more than 100+ trainins and seminars helping SME's including trainers, mentors and coaches. > Organizing Corporate Events and Retreats > My first TEDx speaking invitation and in Universities > Being featured in news publications and digital dailies > Spoke to multiple stages and opportunities in Asia > Working with brands as an influencer and got LinkedIn's support > Running in-house trainings and workshops for corporations  

...and so much more!  

I wish the same for you.

Here's what lifelong learners are saying:

Rico Bautista  

President and CEO at Etiqa Life & General Assurance Philippines, Inc.

"The session we had with Kassy was very enlightening and encouraging for my employees. She hit a point that the personal branding of each employee can become the combined branding of our company. Each employee can become brand ambassadors of our organization whether online or offline. Looking forward to the fruits of the pointers given to our Mastermind members by Kassy! All the best!."

Pavan Ramchand 

Business Development & Human Resources at DDQInvest  

"Kassy was a speaker in one of the #LinkedInLocal event’s I attended. She gave a few tips of optimizing a LinkedIn profile. I’ve followed her steps, and next thing you know my profile went from 5 views to 50 views a day. Keep at it Kassy! Keep inspiring and sharing the power of LinkedIn"

Ava Esplanada

Virtual Assisant Trainer & Social Media Manager at AVAS Digital 

"I was not getting any inquiries but a few profile-views only. From zero to closing 2 new clients, and continuously receiving multiple inquiries about my services, all because of her class. She continues to inspire me. I must say she really has a great impact on my being as a Digital Professional, and as a person. Her positive outlook is like a virus that spreads to anyone she mentors, talks to and works with."


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